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Cryptocurrency has launched an all-out blitz attack on the world in recent years. It seemingly came out of nowhere and has since become a household name. Doing this in the span of four years speaks volumes about how much crypto has to offer, but it’s also put a lot of people at a disadvantage.

Unless you’ve been involved with crypto since the beginning, you’re going to struggle when the time to start trading comes. There aren’t many resources for beginner traders to take advantage of, meaning you’ve got to learn everything by yourself.

Mainstream crypto brokers leave you in the deep end when it comes to trading, which is turning off a lot of potential traders before they’ve even gotten started.

At Crypto VIP Club, we’ve made a point to fight against this trend in the crypto space, dedicating ourselves to helping new crypto traders get their feet wet in the trading waters.

Crypto VIP Club is Built for You

When we were designing Crypto VIP Club, we made sure that we knew who we were creating it for. We didn’t want this to be some plain and boring trading system. Instead, we wanted a fully dynamic method that new traders could use to start trading without spending tens of hours researching.

When you first start trading, you don’t want to be diving headfirst into books about technology and economic theory, and with Crypto VIP Club you don’t have to.

Our system has been built from the ground up with you in mind. It takes care of all the difficult and time-consuming research for you, meaning all you have to do is decide how much you want to trade and set up your parameters.

We’ve automated as much of the process as possible, and all it takes is five minutes every day for you to update your trading positions.

Signing up with Crypto VIP Club is quick and easy. There’s no ID verification or anything like that. All we need is a phone number and an email address, so head on over to our signup page, and we can get you trading within a few hours.

What is Crypto?

Before diving too deeply into what Crypto VIP Club has to offer, we should go over what exactly crypto is. A lot of people know the name and roughly what it is, but very few beginners really understand what crypto means.

First and foremost, crypto is not Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency, but the two are not the same thing. Bitcoin is a crypto the same way the dollar is a currency.

There are plenty of cryptocurrencies out there, all of them defined by the fact that there is no physical representation of value. Instead, these currencies are stored on computers.

In other words, crypto is digital currency. You can buy things with it the same way you can with dollars or pounds, but you can only carry your crypto on digital devices.

You Should Invest in Crypto With Crypto VIP Club

That’s the what of crypto, so let’s go over the why. Why invest? It’s simple, really. Cryptocurrency is a tool that can be used to fix a lot of problems that the modern world’s economy is facing.

As a collective global society, we’re facing a financial collapse as a result of inflation. Inflation is the name given to the phenomenon that sees a currency lose its value the more of it is printed.

A dollar today is worth less than a dollar ten years ago because there are more dollars now than there was back then.

Inflation is an ugly part of economics that, up until now, hasn’t been resolved. The major powers of the world have been trying to combat it by raising the minimum wage in various countries, but the increase in pay isn’t proportional to the depreciation of value.

Put bluntly, every major economy in the world is heading straight for a crash. Cryptocurrency is the saving grace that can prevent that.

Cryptocurrency and Inflation

Inflation comes about for one main reason, and that’s human interference. When humans are in charge of the production of a currency, it’s only a matter of time before inflation sets in.

The fact that a group of people can decide when to print more money and how much of it to print goes against basic economic principle. Value comes from a resource being finite, like gold. Dollar bills, however, are infinite.

Cryptocurrency isn’t infinite, though. Most major coins have a built-in condition that prevents the creation of more past a certain point. This makes crypto very similar to gold.

Given that gold was the most stable currency the human race has ever had, this bodes very well for the future of crypto and humanity as a whole.

Being finite means that most coins are never going to depreciate. Supply and demand are going to be well balanced, resulting in a steady buildup of value.

Regardless of which coin is your crypto of choice, all the big players are going to play a key role in keeping the global economy afloat, meaning almost any choice is a good one.

Cryptos Worth Watching

Speaking of different coins, there are a few big names that you should be considering when it comes to your trading.

Of course, we have to mention Bitcoin. Bitcoin was the first crypto to really break through into the mainstream, and to this day, it is still the market leader and still hitting new all-time highs.

It’s unlikely that Bitcoin is ever going to be kicked off of the top of the mountain, so you should always have one eye on it even if you don’t trade in it.

Besides Bitcoin, there is one other major industry leader, and that’s Ethereum. Ethereum was the second big coin to be released and built on the technology that Bitcoin had brought before it.

In many people’s eyes, Ethereum is the superior currency despite holding less value. As time goes on, Ethereum is closing the gap, though, making it a popular diversification choice for a lot of traders.

Those are the big two, but there are a few other dark horse picks worth considering. XRP, for example, has the potential to do incredibly well. As it stands, though, its volatility is holding it back. It’s hard to predict the movement of this coin, making it a risky investment with a lot of potential.

Then you have a wide variety of what are called Altcoins. These are cryptos that aren’t one of these major players. Coins like Bitcoin Cash are considered Altcoins.

Altcoins tend to be a more difficult investment for traders that know what they’re doing. It requires intimate knowledge of cryptocurrency and the current market environment to make Altcoin investing work, so try and stay away from it until you’ve got more experience under your belt.

With Crypto VIP Club, Crypto
Trading has Never been Simpler

When the team here at Crypto VIP Club first came together, we had a singular goal and vision. We wanted to make a trading platform that served as a steppingstone for beginners to get involved in the crypto space.

We managed to achieve that through the Crypto VIP Club system. This system is made up of a series of complex algorithms that take the market analysis out of trading.

Our systems scan the current market environment and use the data available to make predictions on where the price of certain coins is going. The algorithms also make use of the historical data available to predict movements more accurately.

The older a coin is, the better the Crypto VIP Club system can interpret it. This means that the accuracy of the system is only ever going to increase as time goes on.

Automate Your Trading with Crypto VIP Club

Taking market research out of trading wasn’t the only thing we wanted to achieve, though. We realize that most beginner crypto traders don’t have hours to dedicate to the market, so we developed a way that only requires five minutes of your time every day to keep your account up to date.

By automating as much of the trading process as we possibly could, we freed up the time restrictions typically involved with any kind of trading, not just crypto. All you have to do is set the parameters of your trade, and our system does the rest.

You don’t need to execute or monitor your trades manually. All you have to do is update these parameters every other day.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t spend hours at a time in the market, though. That level of commitment is very much possible with Crypto VIP Club; it’s just not mandatory.

Crypto VIP Club FAQs

As a cryptocurrency beginner, it’s only natural that you’re full of questions that need to be answered. Crypto is a complicated topic, so you should try to know what you’re getting yourself into before you start investing. That’s why we’ve put together this short FAQ section for you to have a read of.

How do I store crypto?

Cryptocurrency can be stored in one of two ways. You can store it on your account on Crypto VIP Club, or you can store it on an external wallet.

External wallets are broken up into hot wallets and cold wallets. Hot wallets can be anything from a tablet to a phone and only require certain software to work.

Cold wallets, however, are specific devices dedicated to housing cryptocurrency. You can buy these wallets from various different places online.

How much do I need to start trading?

How much money you should have before you start trading is a pain point for a lot of potential investors. It’s a tricky question that doesn’t really have one clear answer.

For most people, though, we recommend you start off with a bankroll of $250. This amount gives you a solid base to build your portfolio off of without being too high that it’s inaccessible to certain people.

How do I know when I’m ready to start trading?

Like how much money you should have, knowing when to start might be a bit of an issue for you in your trading career.

There’s a great rule of thumb that if you have a lump sum that you could burn and it wouldn’t affect your life, then you can start trading.

In other words, only start trading when you have at least $250 in consistent disposable income.

If you’re living paycheck to paycheck or struggling to make rent, wait until you’re in a better financial situation before you start building up your portfolio.

How do I learn more about crypto?

While you don’t need to learn the ins and outs of crypto to make use of Crypto VIP Club, having that knowledge is only going to help your trading career.

There are plenty of resources online that teach traders about cryptocurrency, but only a handful are actually beginner-friendly. While you can search these out for yourself, we’d recommend that if you’re new to trading altogether, you learn about that before you learn about crypto.

Having an understanding of the technical aspect of trading is going to have a much better return on investment than only learning about crypto.

Not only is the knowledge you’re going to be acquiring still applicable to crypto, but you can take that info and use it in other markets, as well.

Is it too late to invest in Bitcoin?

Of course not. Even though Bitcoin is hitting record highs, it’s still got the potential to skyrocket as time goes on.

Bitcoin has been on a steady upward climb for a few years now, so it’s unlikely it’s ever going to be too late to invest.

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